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The Museum “Huerta de San Vicente” will remain CLOSED from 13 september 2017 by works of preventive conservation on the exterior carpentry of the building



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Publications of the Huerta de San Vicente

Catalogs of art exhibitions

Literary magazine Cuadernos de la Huerta de San Vicente

Federico García Lorca y su Arquitectura del Cante Jondo

Literary magazine Poesía

Bulletins of the Federico García Lorca Foundation

The Huerta de San Vicente Collection

Bulletins of the Federico García Lorca Foundation

Publications of the Residencia de Estudiantes

Other publications

Lorca in English



Five Plays. Comedies and Tragicomedies

Autor: Federico García Lorca. 248 pp. 13 x 20 cm Paperback

      Price: 15.00 €


In Search of Duende

Autor: Federico García Lorca. 100 pp. 12 x 17.5 cm Paperback

      Price: 15.00 €


Selected Letters

Autor: Federico García Lorca. 172 pp. 13 x 20 cm Paperback

      Price: 18.00 €


The Cricket Sings

Autor: Federico García Lorca. 64 pp. 12 x 19 cm Paperback

      Price: 10.00 €


The Selected Poems

Autor: Federico García Lorca. 186 pp. 15 x 22.5 cm Paperback

      Price: 15.00 €


Three Tragedies

Autor: Federico García Lorca. 216 pp. 13 x 20 cm Paperback

      Price: 15.00 €

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