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The Museum “Huerta de San Vicente” will remain CLOSED from 13 september 2017 by works of preventive conservation on the exterior carpentry of the building



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The Exhibition Room of the Huerta de San Vicente holds a permanent collection of original drawings and manuscripts by Federico García Lorca that belong to the Federico García Lorca Foundation, as well as a selection from the historic photography archives of the Patronato Municipal Huerta de San Vicente, and the set of original figures by Federico García Lorca for the entremés “La cueva de Salamanca” by Miguel de Cervantes, likewise the property of the Patronato Municipal.

The manuscripts on exhibit are grouped by epoch: Early Works/Works of Youth (1917-1926), Surrealist Period (1927-28 and 1929-30), and Adult Works (the 1930´s). Since 1995 the display includes manuscripts (poetry, theater and prose) pertaining to Impresiones y paisajes, Libro de poemas, Canciones, Romancero gitano, Diván del Tamarit, Sonetos del amor oscuro, Poeta en Nueva York, Antología modelna, Poema del cante jondo, Mariana Pineda, Diálogos, “Cómo canta una ciudad de noviembre a noviembre” and ”Paraíso cerrado para muchos, jardines abiertos para pocos”, among other works. There are also letters and postcards sent to family and friends.

The drawings on display include a very wide selection from the collection of the FGL Foundation, grouped into the creative periods of 1924-25, 1927-28 and 1929-30.

Federico García Lorca Foundation
Huerta de San Vicente

Caja Duero

[Payaso con una pandereta. Granada, 1925]
Ink and colored pencils on paper


Arlequín ahogado [ca. 1927]
Blue ink on cut-out rustic paper


  [Figura de hombre, ca. 1927-1928]
Blue ink on cut-out rustic paper
  Pavo real [1927]
Blue ink on cut-out rustic paper
  [Muchacha con gola sobre fondo negro, ca. 1924]
Pencil and colored pencils on paper


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